What’s Behind Acumatica’s Crazy Commitment to a Healthy and Growing Partner Channel?

What’s Behind Acumatica’s Crazy Commitment to a Healthy and Growing Partner Channel?

By Dynexus Group, Inc

Twelve years ago I joined my family’s technical recruiting business and became a mid-market ERP/CRM recruiter. Our early years were as a recruitment partner to the Microsoft Dynamics and Sage ERP partner channel companies. The prevailing recruiting model of the day, contingent search, (which continues today to be the way most technical recruiting is done), made filling positions in the Dynamics and Sage ERP partner channels a rocky business because the client’s fill-it-if-you-can, and-if-you-do-then-we’ll-pay-you way of engaging a recruitment agency made the recruiting process all about quantity (submitting as many resumes as you can, as quickly as you can) instead of quality, (connecting the right professionals to a great career opportunity). Today I am president of the company my father started over 20 years ago. We are DyNexus Recruiting, and since day-1, we have been a force for change in the way recruiting is done.

In January of 2018, one of my clients introduced me to Geoff Ashley (VP, Partner Strategy and Programs), and Dawn Jaeger (Director of Partner Recruiting) with web-based ERP solution creator, Acumatica.  Dawn and Geoff shared with me that they were looking for ways to help Acumatica channel partners recruit and retain the employees they needed to keep up with their growth. The conversation felt inspired, and rapidly turned into an un-likely partnership between Acumatica, (an ERP solution creator with a world-wide partner channel), and DyNexus Recruiting, (a boutique “guaranteed placement” ERP/CRM consulting recruitment agency). In the 2 months that followed, we created a very different kind of recruitment program that serves Acumatica’s partner channel of over 250 companies exclusively. The model is simple: Provide high-quality guaranteed placement recruiting at a discounted rate. We named the program the Acumatica Recruitment Assistance Program (ARAP for short) and in the first 11 months, we have served 13 Acumatica VARs and ISVs, successfully filling 20 ERP Consulting roles (Sales, Implementation and Developer Consultants, and Management roles), and have saved EACH of our clients an average of $10,500 per hire for a total savings for the Acumatica partner channel of just over $240,000!

The ARAP is a total game-changer because it integrates affordable, quality driven, guaranteed-placement recruitment services into the very core of Acumatica’s commitment to support the health and growth of every member of their partner channel. Contact us right away to get started on your Q1 2019 key hires!

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