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The DyNexus/Acumatica Relationship

In 2018, Acumatica partnered with DyNexus Recruiting to establish a suite of workforce development services exclusively offered to Acumatica’s partners and their customers that enable and accelerate their success.  These services have helped over 100 Acumatica partners and customers find, hire and train the right people at the right time. Learn more about DyNexus’ offerings for the Acumatica community below.


Expert Acumatica developers, business analysts, accountants/controllers and report specialists available on-demand, as-needed, on a contract basis.


Low-fee, full-service, guaranteed-placement recruiting.


Screened, qualified and Acumatica-badged ERP professionals for hire. Acumatica partners can browse profiles and interview candidates of interest.

The ROI Of Hiring Through DyNexus

Staffing - Contract


  • All contractors are Acumatica experienced professionals.
  • All contractors are vetted by the DyNexus staffing team.

Recruiting - Full Time


  • 25-33% less expensive than a typical contingent search (at 25%).
  • Guaranteed placement as opposed to opportunistic ‘walk-if-you-want’ recruitment effort.



  • 30-50% less expensive than a typical contingent search (at 25%).
  • You get an ACUMATICA BADGED candidate as opposed to hiring someone with no exposure to Acumatica.
  • You get a candidate who has proven their APTITUDE and their MOTIVATION, having invested their TIME and EFFORT into EDUCATING and BADGING in Acumatica.

The DyNexus Hiring Process

Client Testimonials

"We have used DyNexus multiple times. They are professional, detailed in their work, and a pleasure to work with. I would totally recommend DyNexus' recruiting programs."

Patricia Bennett, CEO - PC Bennett Solutions

"We really commend DyNexus and Acumatica in building out a program that allows us to find the right people to build our teams the right way. I would definitely recommend DyNexus!"

Eric Frank, CEO - NexTec Group, Inc.

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