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General Questions

Guaranteed Placement Retained Recruiting; Project Staffing; Proactive Sourcing; and Improv Alive Corporate Events
We work exclusively in the Small to Mid-Market ERP and CRM space. We work with positions in Acumatica, Sage, Microsoft, Salesforce, NetSuite, Infor, Odoo, as well as proprietary ERPs.
We fill anything including Functional / Technical Consultant, Systems Admin, Business Analyst, Project Manager, IT Manager, Director of Operations, Developer, Practice Manager, Sales and Pre-Sales, Accountant, Controller, CFO, and more.


There are basically two types of Recruiting: Retained and Contingent. Typically with a Contingent Recruiter, they don’t get paid anything unless they fill the position. Because of this model, it’s common for a Contingent Recruiter to be working on 30, 40, or more searches at a time. They generally don’t do a thorough vetting of candidates, but rather find you resumes that seem to match what you’re looking for and leave the heavy lifting of sifting through many resumes up to you. They can employ what is known as a shotgun approach because they want to fill the role quickly or move on to the next one. If you hire one of the resumes they send to you, they’re either paid a flat rate or a percentage of the starting salary of the candidate you just hired. If you don’t hire one of their candidates, they have 39 others they’re working on and hoping a resume sticks. Typically a Retained Recruiter has a handful of searches at a time. You usually get much more targeted results and fewer submissions because your Retained Recruiter vets and interviews the candidates before sharing them with you. A Retained Recruiter will usually ask for all or part of their Recruiting fee up front and is either based on a flat rate or a percentage of the starting salary of the candidate you hire. At DyNexus, we guarantee we will fill the role for you. If we weren’t confident we can fill it, we won’t take the search. We require half of a flat fee up front to initiate the search. You will have a dedicated Recruiter giving you personalized service. You get vetted, pre-interviewed candidates. Upon a successful placement, the other half of our flat fee will be billed.
Each of our hires comes with a 120 day guarantee. If they don’t work out for any reason (unless the position itself is eliminated), we will refill the position for no additional charge.
This can be a complicated question. It basically boils down to two options: a flat rate fee, or a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary. Depending on how difficult the role is to fill, the percentage rate (which is mostly used by Contingent Recruiters) can be anywhere from 15% to 25%. That means, if the starting salary for your candidate is $100,000, the recruiting fee can be between $15,000 to $25,000. For a $150,000 position, the fee would be between $22,500 and $37,500. You can see why higher paying jobs might become more of a priority for contingent recruiters who have 30 to 40 or more searches at a time. For a flat rate, that can also get complicated. Some recruiting agencies will break down the services they provide and charge for things like screening candidates or posting jobs or other administrative tasks. Most Retained Recruiters will ask for a partial payment up front (a retainer or engagement fee). The rest of the total fee is typically due upon the successful completion of a search. Unfortunately, finding the total fee can be as difficult as finding the total price of a car you want to buy. The fees can range anywhere from $15,000 all the way up to excess of $30,000.
At DyNexus Recruiting, it breaks down like this: For an individual contributor role that is non-management - $20,000, For a senior level or management level position - $23,000, For a hire through our Proactive Sourcing Program - $15,000, For return clients and clients of partners: Individual Contributor Roles - $17,000, Senior Level Roles - $20,000.
There are too many factors in play to define a timeline. The average time to fill any open position is between 36 to 45 days. That can be a little longer with Retained Recruiting because of the level of attention and scrutiny. People don’t usually enlist the help of a Retained Recruiter if the position was easy to fill. Another thing to remember is that your Recruiter is not responsible for hiring your next employee. You are just as much a participant in this process. If you delay in giving feedback on submitted candidates, drag out the interview process, take a long time to make an offer, you could lose candidates and create a longer process. That being said, we will stick with it until we fill the position for you. That’s our guarantee.
We love this question. We love to think of ourselves as the Jerry Maguires of Recruiting. Less clients. More personal attention. It all starts with a kickoff meeting where we learn about you, your company culture, the challenges you’ve faced, the specifics about the role. This sets the tone for the whole search. Then we go out and we find the best matches. But you don’t just get resumes from us. With each candidate, we tell you why we’re submitting them to you specifically. Each week, you and your dedicated recruiter get together and talk about the search and the candidates to stay in perfect alignment. We keep the ball rolling by guiding the interview process. Once you’re ready to make an offer, we can perform references checks and help negotiate the final offer. When you’ve successfully hired one of our candidates, you can rest assured that we still have your back as each placement comes with a 120 day guarantee. If that candidate doesn’t work out for whatever reason within 120 days, we’ll refill the role at no additional cost to you.
When you retain DyNexus Recruiting to fill your role, we guarantee we will fill that position for you and we put all of our resources, all of our time and effort into accomplishing exactly that. The results you will see are targeted matches indicative of our commitment to making this process easier for you and ultimately a long-term successful relationship. We also guarantee our work with our 120 day guarantee. We also require your active participation in the process. If you’re distracted with piles of applications from online postings or stacks of resumes from other recruiters who haven’t provided you with our level of scrutiny, we can’t guarantee the results, both short and long term. In order for us to deliver up to our standards, we must be the representatives of the candidates you’re considering for your position.


A full time hire becomes a permanent employee of your company. These may or may not be ready-to-go experts who can contribute immediately, but they exhibit the culture fit qualities and future potential to learn and grow with your company. They will also get access to your company’s benefits offerings. An Independent Contractor is an expert in your ERP Software, in your industry, for the specific project that needs to get done. They make immediate contributions for a specific short-term need when you don’t have the need or capacity to hire a full time employee.
Each project varies in length. Some can be as short as a few weeks to a couple months. Others can last over a year or more. But, the great thing about working with a Contractor is that they can also help assess what your needs are, what the plan is to complete the work, and how long it should take.
At DyNexus Recruiting, a total hourly rate for our contractors runs anywhere from $110 up to around $180 per hour.

Proactive Sourcing

Proactive Sourcing is an online database of vetted ERP professionals who are looking for a new opportunity in the mid-market ERP space. Candidates: There is no cost to you to be included. You don’t have to go through any online certification or training to get in. This is a passive program allowing thousands of hiring managers to view your profile at any time. This program is meant to complement any job seeking efforts you might currently be making for full-time employment. Just reach out to us with your current resume and set up a time to talk with our program manager. Hiring Managers: Any time you have an ERP hiring need, you can look through the candidate profiles on our website. Use the filters to narrow down the list to your specific criteria. Once you find candidates who look like a potential match for your hiring needs, the rest of the process is simple: fill out the form, the program manager from DyNexus will contact you to coordinate the interview process, and you hire the ones you love.
Placements made through the Proactive Sourcing Program also come with our 120 day guarantee. If the candidate you hired doesn’t work out within their first 120 days, you will be given the option of a refund of your fee or to hire another candidate through the same Proactive Sourcing Program.

Improv Alive

I’m glad you asked. This is a personal favorite line of our business. Improv Alive utilizes the fun and challenging medium of Improvisation for company team building workshops and leadership development training. We help your team and leadership to break down barriers, to explore new ways of communicating, to step out of their comfort zone, and develop relationships and skills that translate to their everyday work lives.
Perfect. This is not an Acting course. Improv is simply the medium used to foster this team building environment. And if you look silly, you’re doing it right. That means you put yourself out there and took a risk in a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment. There are only two ways to do it wrong: negate others’ contributions, or don’t participate at all.
Improv Alive is designed for any company workplace gathering where there is a desire to increase communication, collaboration, participation, support, empathy, and empowerment. Each of our sessions are customized to your specific needs and themes. Each customized session is composed of “games” that are selected to elicit the kind of growth and learning that will be highly useful and translatable to the goals of your meeting, event, or conference.
Right now, we are available for in-person events in the greater Seattle / Puget Sound area. If you’re outside of our current travel radius and you really want us at your company event, we can discuss travel and accommodations.
We need enough space for everyone present to be up on their feet with room to move around. This is not a sit and watch event. This is all-hands in, participation-required interaction.
Groups of all sizes are welcome. We’ve engaged with smaller more intimate groups as little as four to forty people and we’ve presented to much larger audiences all the way up to 1000.