Being your official Acumatica ERP recruiters, DyNexus recruiters work 100% remotely… That’s why one of the best things about attending the Acumatica Practice Owner Forum last summer was getting the opportunity to look in the eyes of, and physically shake hands with many practice owners whom we’ve never actually seen in person, but we’ve been recruiting for, through the ARAP Direct Recruiting and and ARAP Certification2Hire, over the past year. Getting the chance to hear 30+ partner owners share, debate and ultimately support each other as they strive to navigate the uncharted and choppy waters of a subscription-based ERP services business was fascinating, and a real testament to the passion and energy of the people that make up this partner channel. Next week, we get the opportunity again at Acumatica Summit 2019 in Houston, TX! (Visit us at booth 258A, by the way)

One of the growth challenges I’ve heard a lot about from partners is the balance between hiring the RIGHT people and hiring ENOUGH people. Hiring the wrong people can cost you time, money and reputation, but having to walk away from a deal because you can’t find the consultants to deliver what your sales people just closed is a disaster, especially when you’re a new practice.

I love the Acumatica Recruitment Assistance Program because it provides a solution to this problem for Acumatica partners that no other partner channel can take advantage of.

If you read last months’ Acumatica Partner Newsletter, you might have seen our headline article about how the ARAP saved one Acumatica partner $10,500 in recruiting fees late last year. This is how that happened:

  • DyNexus (ARAP recruiter) gave an unconditional commitment of success in placing two roles
  • The ARAP flat-fee beat the other recruiters’ fees by $10,500!
  • DyNexus filled position #1 (Sales Director) in late May
  • DyNexus filled position #2 (Sales Executive) in early June
  • As of early August, both employees are knocking it out of the park and the partner’s Acumatica practice is tracking for 40% growth this year.

As if that savings weren’t enough (because it isn’t), DyNexus and Acumatica are currently in the process of building out ARAP Certification2Hire, giving partners access to screened, qualified and Acumatica-certified (or certifying), consultants, developers, support specialists, business analysts, sales execs, marketing professionals and ERP management & leadership professionals! While ARAP Certification2Hire is still in it’s early stages, the candidate selection will be growing rapidly in 2019. We currently have over 20 candidates certifying on Acumatica ERP as I write this!


  • Hiring an Acumatica certified candidate through the ARAP Certification2Hire saves you between $30-40K in hiring, employee development and consultant bench expenses! What are you waiting for?

The ARAP program has served over 20 Acumatica Partners since its inception in March of 2018. Wanna be our lucky #21?? Give us a call, or stop by our booth, 258A, at #AcumaticaSummit 2018.