Acumatica Summit 2019: Marketing Professionals And The Acumatica Partner Salary Guide… OH MY!

Acumatica Summit 2019: Marketing Professionals And The Acumatica Partner Salary Guide… OH MY!

By Dynexus Group, Inc

“DyNexus Recruiting and the ARAP represent a truly unique program and model for partners. To date we have had many successes, and 2019 will bring MANY more. Partners who are looking to hire need to understand and realize, hiring mistakes cost them multiples more than the cost of working with true professionals to get it right the first time. And our partners who have utilized the ARAP program would suggest that we have gotten this right. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call me personally.”

~Geoff Ashley, Vice President, Partner Strategy and Programs

In March of 2018, Acumatica and DyNexus Recruiting, created and launched a completely “outside-the- box” talent recruitment program to support the health and growth of Acumatica partner channel members – the ARAP (Acumatica Recruitment Assistance Program). In 2018,  this program saved Acumatica VARs and ISVs $247,000 in recruiting, hiring and on-boarding costs by bringing 19 talented ERP Consultants, Sales, Developers and Managers to the Acumatica consulting partner channel.

Despite this success, the #2 issue that impacted Acumatica partners growth in 2018 was access to qualified people. With this in mind, Acumatica and DyNexus are working hard to help alleviate one of the most strategic issues impacting your organization.

What’s coming from ARAP in 2019? MARKETING PROFESSIONALS!

**Spoiler alert** At Acumatica Summit 2019 in Houston, Acumatica will unveil a brand-new marketing professionals certification track in Acumatica University, and to support the needs of the partner community, the ARAP will begin offering the following Marketing services to the channel:

  • Direct Recruitment services for Acumatica partners interested in engaging the ARAP to find and hire your perfect Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Manager, Marketing Director or Marketing Executive.
  • Exclusive access to ARAP-Screened and Qualified Marketing Professionals who are TRAINED and CERTIFIED in ACUMATICA ERP MARKETING.
  • Exclusive access to ARAP-Screened and Qualified Marketing Partner Companies who are experts in guiding Acumatica partners through the process of building and maintaining their living ACUMATICA PARTNER MARKETING PLAN.


On the Sunday of Acumatica Summit 2019, we will unveil and give away copies of the industry’s first comprehensive Acumatica ERP Partner Community Salary Guide. Developed exclusively for Acumatica partners, this guide will be an indispensable resource to Acumatica partners as they hire consultants, developers, sales & solutions pros, marketing experts and managers in 2019! Stop by the ARAP booth #258A at Acumatica Summit 2019 for your copy!

Visit the ARAP Program for more details.

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