November 2023 Webinar – AI Recruiting Tips, DEI and the Future of ERP Hiring

By Dynexus Group, Inc

AI Recruiting Tips, DEI and the Future of ERP Hiring:
“Hey ChatGPT, Find me a new employee!”

Is AI helping hiring teams with new AI recruiting tools available, or making it harder to differentiate between candidates?  Is a millennial dominated workforce a paradigm shift? Are the pandemic trends of working from home and high consultant salaries continuing or re-balancing back to previous levels?

Watch our webinar discussion with HR experts in the mid-market ERP ecosystem, where we welcome:

We discuss all things AI and how they’re focusing on DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) in their recruiting, hiring, interview practices, and internal HR programs. We also discussed trends for 2024 and how they’re adjusting their hiring and recruiting efforts to the changes.


We’ve discussed some of these topics in our blogs in the past, having explored DEI in hiring and also discussed the different ways you can use AI in recruiting. There’s more than just ChatGPT, with many tools incorporating AI into their algorithms that can help you with your job searches, with pre-vetting candidates, and with scheduling or arranging interviews. It’s not all about content creation – being able to save 4 emails per interview because you can quickly schedule an interview at a time that works well for everyone can be a game changer for your efficiency.

Check out our recent webinar recording to hear how our 3 panel experts are using the different tools available and what they’ve found to be the most useful. If you have any questions or are struggling with your own recruiting efforts, please reach out. We are always available to discuss best practices, give some strategic advice, or be an extension to your own team with our own recruiting or staffing efforts.

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