Is the Future Success of your Acumatica Practice Dependent on Hiring Contractors?

Is the Future Success of your Acumatica Practice Dependent on Hiring Contractors?

By Dynexus Group, Inc

Hiring Acumatica Contractors

There is a lot of uncertainty in today’s economy.  Not knowing where your business will be in a few weeks/ months can be unsettling.  Will customers still need a new ERP?  With all of their competing priorities, will your customers be ready for upgrades/ enhanced support for their existing ERP?  Hiring a new employee to support your clients is expensive… training, salary, benefits.  Will the economy hold up long enough to support a permanent hire?   A much more appealing option may be to bring on a contractor.

An Acumatica ERP skilled contractor will join your team already having the skills and certifications you require.  Since the contractor comes to you with Acumatica ERP experience, the time and money you need to spend on training is very limited.   With their expertise, know-how, and ability to hit the ground running contractors with Acumatica experience will accomplish tasks quicker than a new, permanent hire.  

Although the hourly cost of a contractor may seem like more than that of an employee, the cost is offset by not having to pay for equipment, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, Social Security, Medicare taxes or other benefits (medical, dental, 401K, etc.).

Working with a contractor allows your business the flexibility to pay for work when times are busy and not pay when times are a bit slower.  An Acumatica ERP experienced contract worker will understand the ebbs and flows of your business and the economy and is able to adjust their hours accordingly.  This will save the employer money in the long run.   

Working with contractors allows your business to respond to surges in work.  It feels awful to turn down business because there is not staff on-board to fulfill the need.  Hiring a permanent employee may be a larger financial gamble than you are willing to take.  Hiring a contractor allows you to fulfill your deadlines while not taking a financial hit to the budget.

Instead of having to provide full-time employment for every skill you would like to have on your team, you can work with a contractor.  A recruitment firm with expertise in Acumatica ERP can help you identify Acumatica ERP developers, business analysts, implementation specialists (in various industries), project managers, pre-sales, business development and practice leadership contractors.  DyNexus Group has been recruiting in the mid-market ERP space for 23 years and has been an Acumatica partner for the past 3 years.  Reach out to them to help you figure out what type of hire is ideal for your business.  You can find DyNexus Group on Linkedin, Twitter or their website.  

Pam Velez is an IT recruiter specializing in the mid-market ERP space.  While not old, she has seen the changes in the hiring landscape for the past 15+ years.  She helps companies hire the right talent at the right time.  You can reach out to her on linkedin.  

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