The Acumatica Partners’ Cost-Saving Hack for #AcumaticaSummit 2019

The Acumatica Partners’ Cost-Saving Hack for #AcumaticaSummit 2019

By Dynexus Group, Inc

If you’ve been to many tech summits over the last decade, you’ve probably been frustrated by the fact that in the 21st century, we technology professionals are still handing each other little pieces of paper with our names and contact info printed on them. If you happen to be sponsoring a booth at #AcumaticaSummit 2019 in Houston (as DyNexus will be.. Booth 258A.. come say hello!), you’ll have the option of renting a badge scanning device for few hundred dollars, that will capture the contact information of attendees’ badges and store it for you in a basic spreadsheet that you can then download at the end of the event. Here’s your money saving hack:

In the last several years, QR codes (those square barcodes) have been added to many event attendee badges, making it possible to use QR code scanner apps on your smartphone. Acumatica Summit 2019 attendee badges will have QR codes on them, giving you the secret-squirrel option of either using your smartphone’s native ability to scan QR codes, or downloading a basic QR code scanner on your iPhone or Android device if yours does not, thus avoiding the unnecessary cost of renting an expensive scanner.

If your phone doesn’t automatically provide you options when you point your camera at a QR code (or your not a fan of the functionality of the native app), here are a few QR Code scanners that I might recommend you consider downloading before AcumaticaSummit 2019 in Houston:

For iPhone:

For Android:

We hope this helps, and please do come by our booth (258A), or connect with me so we might meet up for a few minutes during summit. I’d enjoy getting a chance to meet or see each you in person!

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