Dynexus Recruiting and Acumatica Partner create the Acumatica Recruitment Assistance Program (ARAP)

Dynexus Recruiting and Acumatica Partner create the Acumatica Recruitment Assistance Program (ARAP)

By Dynexus Group, Inc

It was a cool late January morning in Nashville. Acumatica VP of Partner Strategy & Programs, Geoff Ashley stood before 100’s of Acumatica channel partners and spoke a painful but universal truth:

“Behind getting new leads, the greatest challenge facing our channel partners is finding and hiring consulting and sales talent for your practices. “.

Geoff was right. You’ve said it and we see it every single day. This fact is why we created the Acumatica Recruitment Assistance Program (ARAP). The ARAP is a partnership between DyNexus Recruiting and Acumatica. In our 7th month of service to the Acumatica partner channel, we successfully placed over a dozen sales executives, Implementation Consultants and Developers and Business-Practice Leaders, with rapidly growing Acumatica partners, and we’re on track to help many more. Without a doubt, ARAP is catching fire.

But what’s next just might blow your mind.

It is no secret that the demand for super-star Acumatica consultants, developers and sales pros far exceed the supply of Acumatica trained and certified professionals. If you’ve been a partner in any other mid-market ERP solution channel, you are all too familiar with the concept of “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. You’ve probably experienced either the bad-blood that being a ‘Peter’, or the financial loss that being a ‘Paul’ inevitably creates. Inter-channel talent-poaching is, unfortunately, a necessary evil that exists when an industry is starved for qualified workforce. Now, what if I told you that your days of robbing and being robbed are over?

Acumatica and DyNexus Recruiting proudly present the ARAP CERTIFICATION-TO-HIRE program!

Through the ARAP CERTIFICATION-TO-HIRE program, Acumatica channel partners now have access to screened and qualified candidates that are ALREADY TRAINED AND CERTIFIED IN ACUMATICA ERP! Every candidate available to you through ARAP Certification-To-Hire will have:

  • training and Certification in one or more courses in Acumatica ERP.
  • a strong background and proven success in comparable mid-market ERP solutions development, implementation, sales and/or management/leadership consulting skills.
  • the drive and desire to continue their career success in Acumatica ERP.


  1. DyNexus will present candidates who have completed Acumatica training and certification to the Acumatica partner channel for employment under the ARAP CERTIFICATION-TO-HIRE program.
  2. DyNexus will take full responsibility for providing training and certification in Acumatica ERP to only highly qualified candidates from outside the channel who are committed to continuing their career in Acumatica ERP with an Acumatica VAR or ISV.
  3. When an Acumatica partner is interested in direct communication with a candidate, they will sign an agreement with DyNexus Recruiting, and DyNexus will release full contact information to the partner for direct partner/candidate communication.
  4. On an as-needed basis, DyNexus Recruiting will assist partners and candidates in salary negotiations, and facilitation of a job-offer/job acceptance.

Partners pay an all-inclusive fee of $15K upon hire.

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