The ERP VAR and ISV: An Interactive Conversation On the Future of the Industry

The ERP VAR and ISV: An Interactive Conversation On the Future of the Industry

By Dynexus Group, Inc

The ERP VAR and ISV: An Interactive Conversation On the Future of the Industry

Over the past 2 decades, DyNexus Recruiting has recruited, placed and hired hundreds of ERP and CRM (IT) consultants for VARs, ISVs and ERP & CRM end-user companies.  This has given us a bird’s-eye view of the ERP VAR/ISV world, as it changes in direction and focus.

This is an introduction to a blog series in which we will explore the future of the ERP world (Reseller, ISV and User.)  In this series, we will expand on each of the topics below by interviewing some of the most successful and noted leaders in the industry and bringing you the meat of those conversations.

To begin, here are some of the basic elements that make up the ERP VAR/ISV world.  It is the combination of these elements that determine the specific nature of the VAR/ISV.

  1. Size of business – employees, revenue, locations, LOB’s
  2. Geography – local, regional, national, international
  3. Structure – public, private, partnership, franchise
  4. Industries – manufacturing, distribution, services, government, etc.
  5. Applications – finance, inventory, sales, etc.
  6. Technologies – cloud, big data, analytics, etc.
  7. Products – third-party add-ons, original add-ons, etc.
  8. Financing – product sales, subscription, retainer, etc.

This is going to be an “interactive” blog series. In addition to interviewing some of the most respected professionals in the ERP/CRM reseller and ISV world, we intend to ask YOU for YOUR experiences thoughts and even your critique of what we’re writing here. Each of the 8 points above will have its own blog post and there may be additional topics added.  Our intention is for this blog series to provide our readers a sense for the direction the ERP and CRM reseller/ISV industry is going, and perhaps a glimpse into what it may look like in 5-10 or even 20 years from now.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, send a note directly to our president emeritus at, and Ben will reply to you. Looking into the future is always difficult, but then again . . .


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