Why Hire DyNexus?

Why Hire DyNexus?

By MarkD

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins, life and business strategist.

You have a hiring need in your practice for an Acumatica ERP specialist.  It might be for a Sales Executive or a Pre-sales Demo person.  Perhaps you need an Implementation Consultant or a Project Manager.  You’ve been trying on your own without success.  Either you just haven’t had good candidates come your way, or you’ve seen too many resumes than you have the time to review.  Either way, you need help.  So you start looking at recruiting companies.  I’m going to talk today about why you should hire DyNexus for your recruiting or project staffing needs.

Retained vs. Contingent Recruiting

When you are looking to hire a new employee, there are several options.  Of course, you can promote from within, or you can use your own resources to recruit new potential talent.  You might have your own internal job board and you’ll probably post to some online resource like Indeed or LinkedIn.  If you’re looking at using an outside recruiting company, there are basically two types: contingent and retained recruiters. Hanson Search has a great article that goes into the differences.

Contingent recruiters are paid upon successful placement of a candidate and are usually paid a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary.  Retained recruiters are paid up front for the search.  Typically, you have made your opening available to several recruiters in a contingent search.  And those recruiters are typically working anywhere from 30 to 60 jobs at a time.  This can sometimes result in more work and stress on your part as a hiring manager.  Not only are you typically seeing a lot of resumes that haven’t been heavily vetted, but you’re also coordinating between several recruiters.

Retained recruiters typically work fewer jobs at a time.  You are usually coordinating with one dedicated recruiter who sends over really targeted resumes.  So you might not see as many resumes, but the resumes you are seeing are usually the closest matches to what you’re looking for. 

At DyNexus, we have a flat rate regardless of how difficult the role is to fill or how long it takes to fill the role.  You will be working with one dedicated recruiter who will work with you and your process to ensure you get the best matches.  We have structured our fees so that you pay half up front to initiate the work and the remainder upon completion of the work.  And when you do hire one of our candidates, you get the comfort of the DyNexus 120 day guarantee.  If that hire doesn’t work out in the first 120 days, we’ll refill that position at no additional charge to you.

Not the Other Guys

DyNexus isn’t the only tech recruiting company out there.  And we’re not the only one that fills Acumatica ERP roles.  Twenty AI, Insight Recruitment, Robert Half, and Goodwin Recruiting are just a few.  I can’t (and wouldn’t) speak to the services they offer, or the quality of the work they do, because I don’t know it, and of course, it wouldn’t be my place to do so even if it did. I will focus on us and why hire DyNexus.

Why Hire DyNexus?

DyNexus has been a mid-market ERP recruitment firm since Ben Schrenzel started our business in 1997, as Schrenzel Technical Staffing. CEO and President Julian Schrenzel has personally been with this company since 2006, and he takes a lot of pride in the quality of this team, and each of his employee’s commitment to doing excellent work for every one of our clients. When you work in the “burn-the-boats” model that we do, quality becomes an absolute must.  With our “Guaranteed Placement” model, there’s no walking away when it gets hard, and quality recruiting is hard work!

In the last 12 months, DyNexus has placed 49 people into positions with Acumatica partners and customers. We have been working with Acumatica now for 4 years (since Feb 2018). Of those 49, 21 were ERP systems implementation, administration and support professionals. The others were sales, developers, managers and accounting professionals.

We work exclusively in the small to mid-market ERP ecosphere.  Because we’ve been hyper-focused in this niche for 25 years, we have become very good at what we do.  You’ll notice the difference from the very beginning as we work with you and your team to create a unique, custom job description.   We don’t just rely on keyword searches and AI to find you resumes that we hope are a match.  We heavily vet each candidate and only send you the best matches.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

“I would definitely recommend DyNexus Recruiting.  Having someone curate applicants on my behalf knowing what I needed saved me a lot of time.” – Jackie Spanitz, GM of Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.

“DyNexus Recruiting was a clearing house for us.  They weeded through hundreds of applicants and that saved us a ton of time.” – Scott Stilson, Manager of Information Systems for Diamondback

“I really value the communication.  Pam (DyNexus Recruiter) kept me updated on a regular basis throughout the whole hiring process.” – JoLynn Johnston, Owner of Accounting Business Solutions.

Summary – Why Hire DyNexus

Summarizing here, I cannot say that we are “better” than another recruiting company (and if I did, you know that I’d be blowing smoke at you since I’m not familiar with the other’s work.) What I can tell you with confidence and a strong foundation in truth, is that we’ve been doing this very thing for over 25 years. We have a very proven track record to back up my words, and you will not find a company that puts more stock, more investment, more intention into excellence than DyNexus Recruiting.

I hope you choose to work with us. I thank you for the opportunity, and welcome any/all of your questions.

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