August 2023 Webinar – ERP Partner Marketing EPIC FAILS (and How to AVOID Them)

By Dynexus Group, Inc

ERP Partner Marketing EPIC FAILS (and How to AVOID Them):
Social Media – Adword Campaigns – Purchasing Lists – Marketing Agencies – UGH!!!

In today’s ultra-competitive mid-market ERP reseller marketplace, NetSuite, Acumatica, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics / D365 ERP solution providers are expected to be marketing professionals – building cutting edge websites, developing complex, elaborate and automated email and social media campaigns, getting ‘likes’ and attracting followers, building AdWords campaigns and developing beautiful marketing literature. Those who lack the ability, time or desire to do these things can wade into the ocean of marketing consultants and companies who would be more than happy to write your blogs, tweets, campaigns, book your meetings and make your sales calls. 

Anybody see a problem with this??

Watch our discussion below when DyNexus brings together leading marketing professionals from the Mid-Market ERP reseller industry: Candyce EdelenCEO of Propel Growth, Krista MagnussonCEO of Magnusson Enterprises, Khaled Nassra – Head of Marketing at Binary Stream and Mary MillerDirector of Marketing at PayTrace to answer ALL of your burning marketing-related questions in a LinkedIn live-streamed panel discussion webinar entitled ERP Partner Marketing EPIC FAILS (and How to AVOID Them).

The Moderator: Julian Schrenzel, Owner, President & CEO of DyNexus Recruiting

Julian has worked for DyNexus since October 2008. He has over 20 years experience in Technology, Leadership and IT/ERP Recruiting.

Meet our Panelists:

Candyce Edelen | President/CEO at Propel Growth

Krista Magnusson | CEO/Founder at Magnusson Enterprises

Khaled Nassra | Head of Marketing at Binary Stream

Mary Miller | Director of Marketing at PayTrace

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