Outsourcing Talent for ERP Implementation Success

Outsourcing Talent for ERP Implementation Success

By Dynexus Group, Inc

In today’s fast-paced digital era, with over 85% of companies investing in digital transformation initiatives, companies are continuously in pursuit of highly-skilled professionals, especially when it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, like NetSuite, Sage, Microsoft, and Acumatica. There’s a lot to navigate with the implementation, any customizations, data migration, and managing staff and all the internal changes it can bring. That’s not all! Then you need to maintain, optimize, and scale the system post-implementation if you plan to remain relevant (which we’re sure you do). If the thought of managing these complex tasks by yourself leaves you skeptical, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The Internal Watchdog: Your Strategic Advocate

To ensure long-term success with your system, think about appointing an internal watchdog, like a business analyst, systems analyst, IT administrator, or IT manager, or hiring an outside contractor who is a neutral third party and unrelated to the VAR, to be responsible for acting as the liaison between your company and your VAR.

This watchdog executes (or delegates) pre- and post-implementation tasks, and is essentially, your strategic advocate who manages the VAR’s team, ensuring the implementation is happening as expected and in a way that serves your best interests. Think of this person as the bridge that connects your company’s objectives with your partner’s technical expertise. They help to keep the lines of communication open, foster collaboration, and maintain a vigilant watch on your company’s pulse (because, let’s face it, having eyes on the back of your head isn’t an option). If this role isn’t something you think is well suited for anyone on your team, or if they simply don’t have capacity, this is where temporary staffing options can be a great option. As Julian Schrenzel, our CEO, commented, “According to Gartner, ERP implementation failure rates can exceed 75%. When you weigh the cost of a 3rd-party expert against the costs of a failed implementation, the benefit of that extra resource can be a no-brainer.”

Beyond VAR Recruitment

Everyone is familiar with partners or Value-Added Resellers (VARs) and the pivotal role they play in ensuring a seamless integration of their systems and processes, but is there more you can do to guarantee a sustainable long-term solution? We say absolutely. Without the right internal resources, outsourcing other top-tier ERP talent becomes just as pivotal as hiring the right partner.

Panorama Consulting found in a recent survey they did that companies recognize the critical role of expertise and see the importance of business transformation consultants or ERP experts. They are hiring them mainly because they’re good at setting up ERPs (81%), but also in business process management (42.9%), and managing change (33.33%). If this type of ERP expertise isn’t available in-house, or staff are inexperienced and overwhelmed with their workload, businesses have the option to look to external help to support and optimize their Sage, Acumatica, Microsoft, or NetSuite implementation & ongoing ERP application through staffing practices (like ours, perhaps). Tapping into a pool of diversified skilled workers with in-depth knowledge of ERP systems helps ensure innovation, efficiency, and a high ROI for years to come.

Evaluating Partners

There’s another way to secure long-term ERP success and that is to make sure you’re selecting your ideal ERP partner that seamlessly fits into your business and gets along with your people. The perfect partner isn’t a rushed job or a one-size-fits-all approach. It can significantly impact the success of your Sage, Microsoft, Acumatica, or NetSuite implementation and its long-term ROI impact, so it requires careful thought.

If there’s one thing, we want you to take away from this, it’s to never focus on what the ERP can do. We realize that sounds strange but it’s more important to focus on how a solution, like a Microsoft or NetSuite implementation, can address your current business challenges. In other words, ask “Why?”, not just “What?”. Partners with a deep understanding of your processes and objectives are better equipped to tailor your chosen ERP to your specific needs, addressing your pain points and existing challenges. This applies to your internal team and any external ERP consultants you may bring on. For example, the consultants available through our ERP staffing services focus on tailoring solutions to the company, rather than alllll the features of the solution itself. A good partner should do the same.

If a partner is overly focused on showing you all the bells and whistles (regardless of whether it’ll help your company), be cautious. The ideal partner should do more than just show off features; they should be your ally in working with you to solve your business challenges.

In the intricate world of ERP software, appointing or outsourcing an internal watchdog and meticulously evaluating partners doesn’t always guarantee success outright, but it is a savvy move that sets you on the right and narrow path. If you’re looking to hire help with your Sage system, ongoing Acumatica or Microsoft support or NetSuite implementation (or any mix of those solutions & services), talk to one of our representatives today.

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