If You Put In The Work, The Results Will Come

If You Put In The Work, The Results Will Come

By Luke Dancy

“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Thomas Jefferson 

It would be nice if the things we want in life just happen by themselves, but we all know it just doesn’t work that way. Whether it be relationships, our health and fitness, or our careers, they all take work and effort to foster and get right. As an employee looking to advance your career (and increase your paycheck), there are steps to take so you can move up the proverbial ladder of success. Of course two heads are always better than one and it’s always worth asking for help along the way. Here at DyNexus Recruiting, we pride ourselves on helping job seekers get the most of their new opportunities. It’s our hope that the information listed below will act as a friendly reminder to help you on your journey.  These are just a few helpful tips for you, but ultimately it’s up to you.  If you put in the work, the results will come.

Know What Your Position Is Worth

Back in March, we featured our ‘Know Your Worth’ blog with a detailed outline to help you know your position’s value so you can maximize your salary. This topic alone is the foundation for any new process when it comes to putting a ‘price tag’ on yourself in the workforce. Spring brings growth and change but sometimes we get comfortable with where we are in life. Our 2022 ERP Salary Guide is the perfect example of change and a great reminder of what’s going on in the career world.. As noted in our guide, salaries have risen up to 25% in the last year alone. It’s more important than ever to make sure you are up to date on what the market value is for the position you are currently in and for any future opportunities you are actively interested in. Do your research now so you can reap the rewards later. 

Making Sure Your Resume Is Up to Date 

Your resume represents you. The big question is, is your resume representing you the right way? When the season of new opportunities pops up and you are ready to change jobs, you need to make sure that your resume reflects who (and where) you are now. A resume is a lot like your car.  It needs care and maintenance to make sure that when you put it to work, it does the job as it should. If your resume is out of date and doesn’t highlight some of your most recent and relevant accomplishments, you could very easily be missing out on some great opportunities. 

This article from CNET provides you with some of the best resume writing services in 2022. These include premade templates and even professional resources to help with your resume. The same way you would service your car with a reputable mechanic, it only makes sense to tune up your resume. Taking the extra time to go over your resume with fresh eyes, or having someone you trust look it over, will go a long way. Remember, change doesn’t happen by itself.  Even if you’re not quite ready to make a change, it’s a good idea to polish your resume once in a while.

How To Act During Interviews 

So you’re ready to get out there and snag your next job. You’ve had a couple of interviews but you haven’t had any follow ups. Well sometimes how we think we did in an interview is actually much different than how we actually did. The good folks over at Indeed.com put together a list of 21 Job Interview Tips that can help you to make a good first impression. You may discover a couple of things that you’ve been missing. It’s obvious that they know a thing or two about people getting jobs, so this is a great resource. What are our top 3 tips though? Well, we’re glad you asked! 

  1. Be On Time. There is nothing worse than showing up for an interview late. It doesn’t matter how well you do during the interview, if you’re late it sets the tone for the entire interview.
  2. Look The Part. This isn’t so much about how to act but how to look. First impressions are everything when it comes to interviews. Try to get to your interview early if possible  to grab a little mirror time in the bathroom. Look good, feel good! 
  3. Try Not To Over Talk. This one can be tough because of the nervous energy in the room. Be sure to take a breath and take a moment before you talk. This one is especially  important so you can allow the person interviewing you to get to the questions they need to ask.  They not only need to assess you, more importantly they need to get to know you. Listen to the questions, have brief and appropriate answers.  It truly is a conversation.

As always practice makes perfect. If you have a series of interviews coming up, then it couldn’t hurt to do some run-throughs with your spouse or a friend to help you get some of the jitters out of the way. Most interviews follow the same general outlines and pose many of the same questions. Practicing your answers will make them smooth.  The more prepared you are the better your chances for success. 

We’ve only touched on a few main topics when it comes to putting in the work to help get you to the next level. It’s our hope that the bigger picture of this blog is about helping you get in the right mindset about making your own changes so you can see the results that you want. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to choose the things you put your time and energy into. One of our favorite sayings to wrap things up and take with you is. “We all have the same number of hours in the day but it’s up to you to choose what you do with yours.” Choose wisely friends.

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