Hiring Work Ethic.. Hiring Character.. Hiring Veterans

Hiring Work Ethic.. Hiring Character.. Hiring Veterans

By Dynexus Group, Inc

Hiring Work Ethic.. Hiring Character.. Hiring Veterans

Over the past 2 decades, DyNexus Recruiting has recruited, placed and hired hundreds of ERP and CRM (IT) consultants for VARs, ISVs and ERP & CRM end-user companies.  If I had to choose a pair of factors that most correlated with employee ‘success’ with an organization, it wouldn’t be skills and experience, it would be work ethic and character, and if you want to maximize this, a great way is to hire a veteran.

If you want to see what a veteran is capable of, take a look at Rob Jones, a Marine who lost both legs in combat, and just completed 31 marathons, in 31 cities, in 31 consecutive days. Check out his website if you like (www.robjonesjourney.com).  How would you like to have employees with the work ethic and character of Rob Jones?  A great podcast interview of Rob will soon be available on a podcast called Improvisationally Speaking, which you can find at improv-alive.com.

Here’s a partial list of the benefits of hiring veterans:

  1. Veterans know about the importance of “completing the mission” and the concept of “failure is not an option.”
  2. Veterans understand and have proven their ability to work in a chain of command yet display initiative when everything goes wrong.
  3. Veterans know all about teamsmanship and loyalty.
  4. Veterans know all about working under difficult situations.
  5. Veterans understand all about adjusting to unexpected changes in the plan of action (“No battle plan has ever survived contact with the enemy” – General George Patton).

There are many ways to get in touch with potential veteran candidates. For some of these, connect with our President Emeritus at bens@dynexusgroup.com. This is his passion. A few resources that are near and dear to us are: workofhonor.comcamo2commerce.com & hireheroesuse.org.

Lastly, I would emphasize that veterans simply are good at doing things that are hard to do.


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