The Virtual Holidays

The Virtual Holidays

By Luke Dancy

“Like many parents after a long family holiday, I usually welcome the moment when my kids head back to school.” -Jose Andres

It’s hard to believe that we’re creeping up to the end of another year. When you work remotely, as an ERP Implementation Consultant as an example, it’s easy to get lost in your work. Both onsite and remote employees know the holidays are here so they’re gearing up to join in on the festivities. We’ve put together a few ways our ERP friends in the workforce can enjoy the holidays this year, especially if they are working remotely and navigating the virtual holidays.

Show Your Spirit

Now we know not everyone has the opportunity to show their holiday spirit but there are a couple of easy ways to do this. If you’re working on a new implementation for an Acumatica partner and you have regular Zoom meetings scheduled with a client, it doesn’t take much to customize your virtual background to one that fits the season. This creates a talking point outside of the norm and maybe even gives you a chance to get to know your client better or on a more personal level. Our friends over at ‘The Bash’ even have some virtual holiday backgrounds you can download right now

Another easy way to acknowledge this time of year and show your spirit is to update your email signature. It could be something as simple as ‘Wishing you a happy holiday season’.  These small things might not seem like much but with more and more people working remotely it’s a nice touch to connect with your associates and clients in new ways. 

Virtual Holiday Events

Companies are always looking for ways to gather their employees during this time of year to celebrate the season and another year of hard work. It doesn’t hurt to be proactive and suggest some new ways to celebrate the virtual holidays. Companies  like ‘Offsyte’ specialize in putting together virtual events during the holiday season. It’s possible you might even be attending one of these sometime soon! Sometimes it’s okay to take a break from your hard work on your Sage, Netsuite, or Acumatica ERP product and just enjoy yourself. Of course you can also use these types of virtual events not just for the company you work for but also to engage some of your clients as well. 

Team building is always a focus with companies but when you can ‘team build’ with your clients as well you really start to set yourself apart from the competition. From a report at TeamStage they’ve found that virtual team building can have several positive effects on employee collaboration when implemented successfully. 83% of companies report an improved global perspective as most beneficial, 72% say diversity, creativity 54%, and cost-effectiveness 32%.

Showing Your Appreciation

When you work in an office with your co-workers it’s easy to treat them to lunch or bring in a box of donuts for the team. When working remotely there are still ways to show your appreciation for the people you work with without physically being there with them. One of the easiest ways is to send them a virtual greeting card. The company ‘Punchbowl’‘ offers not only virtual greeting cards that you can customize but you can also include a video message to go along with it. It goes without saying that you can also send these to some of your ERP clients to show your appreciation or holiday spirit from anywhere. 

It’s also never been easier to send someone a gift in the form of a virtual gift card. There’s a site called that lets you select gift cards for restaurants, travel, clothing, and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Everyone loves free stuff and being recognized, so you definitely can’t go wrong with gift cards. also lists a few ways you can help and support your coworkers today and every day. The holidays are always a great reminder to show our appreciation but we shouldn’t forget to do that the rest of the year too. 

Final Thoughts

It really only takes a moment here and there to show your holiday spirit and we hope the things we have shared here with you are useful to you or good reminders at the least. Here at DyNexus we would like to wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. With the new year coming up don’t forget we also regularly post new job listings on the DyNexus website. If you have experience with Sage, Acumatica, NetSuite or any of the other mid-market ERP systems we’re always happy to help you find a new home at a job that is right for you.  Now go find ways to celebrate the virtual holidays.

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