In the Hiring Process, Procrastination is your Enemy!

In the Hiring Process, Procrastination is your Enemy!

By Dynexus Group, Inc


Over the past 2 decades..

DyNexus Recruiting has recruited, placed and hired hundreds of ERP and CRM (IT) consultants for VARs, ISVs and ERP & CRM end-user companies.  In several previous blogs, I’ve emphasized how complicated and even uncontrollable the process of hiring employees is for some companies and hiring managers. For others, however, this is simply not the case. Let us show you how procrastination can be fatal in the hiring process, and give you a process to bring time back on your side:


Having spent the past 25 years hiring and placing talent with resellers of mid-market ERP and CRM (mostly Dynamics, Sage, Acumatica and Salesforce CRM), and ISVs, we have seen perfect matches miss each other like two ships in the night, not because one party doubted the match, but because the candidate lost faith that the company really wanted them, or a competitor company stepped in with an efficient hiring process and attracted the candidate away with a quick job offer. There is a direct link between a slow hiring process and lost opportunity.


If you find yourself routinely losing potential employees to your competition, or elsewhere, we would like to offer one piece of advice that should change your experience for the better starting right now: Make the interview and hiring process a higher priority that you currently are. Challenge yourself to hold true to this schedule for your next hire:



Initial phone interview complete

BY DAY 4: All internal 1-on 1 team interviews complete
BY DAY 12: Professional Reference Interviews, Employment Application & Financial/Background Checks Completed and Results in Hand. Travel/lodging logistics arranged (for on-site interview).
BY DAY 13: Final Interview (on-site or Skype) Completed
BY DAY 14: Offer of Employment in Candidate’s Hands


Total time: 2 weeks! For more great hiring processes you may want to implement, take a look at chapter IV ‘Hiring Candidates’ (p.56) in our free, downloadable e-book, The Impossible Dream, How to Find and Hire Your Ideal ERP or CRM Professional.


Here are three advantages speed in the hiring process gives you:


Advantage #1: beat the competition.

When you’re interviewing prospective employees, you can assume they are looking elsewhere, and may also be negotiating with their current employer.  If you can finish the hiring cycle more quickly, there’s less time for competing opportunities to present themselves, or mature into the offer stage. This is pure tactics. The shorter you’re exposed to competition, the better.


Advantage #2:  display effectiveness.

The biggest reason many people change employers is because they lose confidence in the company’s ability to perform, and be effective.  This affects every impression they have of their employment.  By displaying your effectiveness, you’re going to be judged a better employer, even before employment starts, and this is a very important factor to any candidate.


Advantage #3:  honor the candidate.

The quicker the process, the more wanted candidates feel.  The more wanted they feel, the more honored they feel.  The more honored they feel the more they are going to want to be a part of your organization, the more diligently they’ll work when they join you, and the longer their tenure will be.

So, there you are.  Simply by remembering that speed is your friend. Scheduling aggressively and sticking to your process, your hiring success will absolutely improve. Not so hard, eh? But then again. . .



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