February 2023 Webinar – Hiring Priorities: Experience versus Aptitude

By Dynexus Group, Inc

Which is Most Important when Hiring an ERP Professional..
ERP Experience?  Industry Experience?  Raw Aptitude?

Everybody knows that ERP reseller partners struggle to consistently attract and retain the talent they need to meet their customer’s demands. This is especially so in Cloud-based ERP (i.e. Sage Intacct & Acumatica). In today’s ultra-competitive market, ERP resellers are beginning to adopt new strategies to find (or create), and keep the employees that will drive company success and growth into the future.

But how can a company do this when the best talent is in constant short supply? Some choose to pay out higher salaries. Others actively target the employees of their competition, stealing away valuable employees, yet others choose to “create” their own talent by changing their own expectations of what job-applicants bring to the interview in terms of their expertise, experience, knowledge and aptitude.

DyNexus brings together four of the most well known ERP reseller partner executives with four of the most successful mid-market ERP consulting practices in the world, for a LinkedIn live-streamed panel discussion about how they evaluate candidate expertise, experience, knowledge and aptitude, and how this process has changed for them through the pandemic and recent economic volatility. Panelists include Susan Vincent, Managing Director at Baker Tilly, Patricia Bennett, CEO at PC Bennett Solutions, Jennifer Palhete, CHRO at Net At Work and Kendra Silva, Senior Director of Talent at Blytheco.

The Moderator: Julian Schrenzel, Owner, President & CEO of DyNexus Recruiting

Julian has worked for DyNexus since October 2008. He has over 20 years experience in Technology, Leadership and IT/ERP Recruiting.

Meet our Panelists:

Susan Vincent, Managing Director at Baker Tilly

Patricia Bennett, CEO at PC Bennett Solutions

Jennifer Palhete, Chief Human Resources Officer at Net At Work

Kendra Silva, Sr. Director of Talent at Blytheco

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